Our Story

In the heart of every technological advancement lies the potential to redefine the boundaries of education and knowledge access. This belief, deeply ingrained in the vision of Clarence Antonmeryl, led to the birth of DEVICE DONORS, a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to unlocking the doors of education for underprivileged children through the power of technology. Our story is not just about devices; it's about the futures they can shape, the barriers they can break, and the dreams they can ignite.

The Beginning

DEVICE DONORS was founded out of a simple yet profound realisation by Clarence. During his journey with BITSmart, a tech company known for its innovative technology products, he saw firsthand the vast digital divide that separates those with access to technology from those without. It was a divide that limited the potential, dreams, and opportunities of millions of children worldwide.

Moved by this disparity and motivated by the belief that access to technology is not a luxury but a necessity for education in the 21st century, Clarence established DEVICE DONORS. His vision was clear: to harness the potential of unused and donated tech devices to empower and educate underprivileged children, giving them the tools to learn, grow, and succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Growth and Impact

From our humble beginnings, collecting a handful of devices and working with a small team of dedicated volunteers, DEVICE DONORS has grown exponentially. With the generous support of BITSmart and a community of individuals and corporations, we have been able to extend our reach, impacting the lives of numerous children worldwide.

Our efforts have translated into real outcomes: students attending online classes for the first time, young learners accessing vast resources on the internet, and children developing critical digital skills that will serve them for a lifetime. Every device donated through our program is a step towards closing the educational gap and a testament to the collective power of generosity and technology.

The Future

As we look to the future, our mission remains as vital as ever. The digital divide continues to pose a significant challenge, but with every device we donate, we see the promise of a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape. Our story is evolving, driven by innovation, compassion, and the unyielding belief in the power of technology to transform lives.

We are deeply grateful for the ongoing support of our donors, volunteers, and partners. Together, we are not just donating devices; we are opening up a world of possibilities for children who dream big.

Join Us

Our journey is ongoing, and the need is ever-present. We invite you to become a part of our story—a story of change, hope, and technology's power to unlock potential. Whether through donating devices, volunteering your time, or spreading the word, your support makes a world of difference.

Together, we can continue to bridge the digital divide and light up the path to a brighter future for children everywhere. Join us in making a difference, one device at a time.