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Before you donate your computers or other equipment, we strongly recommend that you back up any necessary data and remove all data from your hard drives. You are responsible for all confidential data that may be stored on your computer(s) or on any other storage devices with or on all products you donate. You bear sole responsibility for removing or securing such data, or for transferring it to a medium under your continuing control.

Software licensing agreements must be included for any donated software. Be sure to include your operating system software on CD or diskette, the Certificate of Authenticity, end-user license agreements and manuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Typically, we accept computers that are no more than eight years old. All devices must be compatible with current operating systems. If the hardware requires repairs, we will assess its eligibility for donation based on the availability of our technical support resources.

It is essential to back up any important data you wish to keep before handing over your device. There are several reliable and free software options that can permanently erase your files, ensuring they cannot be recovered. For PC users, HP Refresh is a recommended choice (, while Apple users can utilize the Disk Utility feature to securely wipe their data. Additionally, if possible, please include any original software media like CDs or diskettes, the Certificate of Authenticity, end-user license agreements, and the system manual when donating your equipment.

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