About Us

Our Mission

At DEVICE DONORS, we believe technology can transform education and open up a world of opportunities for children from underprivileged backgrounds. Our mission is to bridge the digital divide by providing essential tech devices to children who lack access to the tools necessary for learning in the digital age. Donating devices empower students to explore, learn, and thrive in their educational journeys.

Our Founder

Clarence Antonmeryl, a tech visionary, is at the heart of DEVICE DONORS, bringing his vision of a world where every child has access to technology to life. With a deep understanding of the transformative power of education and technology, Clarence has been a pivotal force in mobilising resources, knowledge, and people towards achieving educational equity. His leadership inspires our mission and cultivates a culture of generosity, innovation, and impact within our organisation.

Our Partner

Clarence is also the founder of BITSmart, a leading technology business specialising in the latest tech hardware and software. Under his visionary leadership, both organisations are seamlessly aligned in their commitment to fostering educational equity through technology. A significant portion of BITSmart's profits is generously funnelled into DEVICE DONORS, underscoring a sustainable model of corporate philanthropy and social responsibility. This synergy amplifies our impact and sets a precedent for how businesses can contribute meaningfully to societal advancement.

Our Team

Guided by Clarence's leadership and supported by BITSmart, DEVICE DONORS boasts a diverse team of volunteers passionate about leveraging their expertise in education, technology, and social work to foster educational equity. Each team member is committed to our mission of facilitating learning through technology donations. They bring unique skills, experiences, and perspectives that enable us to comprehensively and creatively tackle digital access challenges. This diversity ensures that our efforts are finely tuned to meet the real and pressing needs of the communities we serve, making each donation impactful and meaningful.

Our Service

We collect donations of new and gently used tech devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, printers and projectors, etc., from individuals and corporations. Additionally, we actively raise funds to procure new devices or parts necessary for refurbishing used devices. We then distribute both new and refurbished devices to children who most need them. Our donations equip students with the necessary tools to participate in online classes, access vast educational resources, engage in remote learning, and develop vital digital literacy and skills. Beyond device donations, we provide ongoing support to educators and parents to maximise the educational benefits of technology, fostering an environment where every child can thrive.

Our Offerings to the Community

At DEVICE DONORS, our commitment extends beyond just providing devices. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools and support to enhance educational opportunities for students from underprivileged backgrounds and rural areas. Here’s how we help:

  • Standalone Devices: We supply a variety of new and refurbished tech devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, printers, projectors, networking accessories, etc., catering to the diverse needs of students for both in-class and remote learning.
  • Virtual Computing Resources: Understanding the limitations of physical hardware for some, we also provide access to cloud-based computing resources. This allows students to utilise high-power computing environments remotely, enabling them to engage with more advanced educational programs and software without the need for high-spec devices at home.
  • Software Subscriptions: To complement the hardware, we offer subscriptions to essential educational software and platforms. This ensures that students have the necessary applications to complete their studies, engage in collaborative projects, and develop digital skills.
  • Tech Support: Recognising that access to technology is only part of the solution, we also provide ongoing tech support. This includes troubleshooting, maintenance, and guidance on how to effectively use the technology for educational purposes, ensuring students, educators, and parents can maximise the benefits of the donated resources.

By providing these resources, we aim to remove technological barriers and foster an environment where every student has the opportunity to succeed and thrive in the digital age.

Our offerings are driven by a commitment to serve the community. We donate these resources with the aim of creating a lasting impact in the lives of underprivileged students and communities. Each device, subscription, and support service is offered at no cost to the recipients, thanks to the generous contributions from our donors and partners. By integrating these efforts as part of our collective social responsibility and community service, we are dedicated to fostering educational equality and enabling every child to reach their full potential. Our entire program is built on the foundation of volunteerism and a strong belief in the power of education.

Our Impact

Since our inception, DEVICE DONORS has successfully donated a number of tech devices, directly impacting the lives of numerous children. Our efforts have enabled students to attend online classes, access educational resources, participate in remote learning, and develop essential digital skills. By removing the barrier of digital access, we are not just donating devices; we are opening doors to brighter futures. We are proud to witness our beneficiaries thrive as they utilise our donated devices to unlock their full potential and embark on paths to success. We celebrate every device donated and every child's success story as milestones towards achieving our vision of universal digital access.

Get Involved

There are many ways to support DEVICE DONORS and make a tangible difference in the lives of underprivileged children:

  • Donate Devices: Your unused tech could be a vital learning tool for a child. We welcome donations of new and gently used devices.
  • Volunteer: Join our team of volunteers to help with device refurbishment, logistics, or educational support.
  • Spread the Word: Help us reach more donors and beneficiaries by sharing our story and mission with your network.

Contact Us

If you would like to contribute, volunteer, or inquire about receiving a device, please fill out the form below. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed in the digital age.

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