Lion King Fencing

Lion King Fencing

Building Stronger Communities Through Precision and Sustainability

LION KING FENCING, exemplifies excellence and environmental stewardship in fence construction in Victoria, Australia. Known for their commitment to precision and sustainability, they bring their ethos of responsibility to support the educational and technological advancement of underprivileged students through DEVICE DONORS.

LION KING FENCING has become a hallmark of quality and trust in Victoria, specialising in premium fences made from ethically sourced native Australian woods. Our unique "precision finish" has not only won the trust and satisfaction of numerous customers over two decades but has also set new standards in the fencing industry.


We believe in the power of education and the significant role technology plays in it. By supporting DEVICE DONORS, we are not just donating resources; we are investing in the future of students across the globe. Our support helps bridge the digital divide, ensuring that disadvantaged communities have access to the tools necessary for learning and growth in the digital age.

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