Exciting Updates and New Collaborations

Welcoming New Donors

We are delighted to announce that DEVICE DONORS has gained support from remarkable new donors. Their generosity is pivotal in expanding our reach and impact:

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our donors for their contributions.

New Collaboration

Clarence handing over the laptop to Dharma Foundation Clarence handing over the laptop to Dharma Foundation's Secretary Mrs. Mala Rajah

Dharma Foundations Inc.

We are excited to announce a new collaboration with Dharma Foundations Inc. This collaboration focuses on providing essential technology to undergraduate students in dire need of laptops. We have provided laptops to two students, with support for four more students in progress.

For more detailed information about Dharma Foundations Inc., the beneficiaries, and how DEVICE DONORS is making a difference, please visit Dharma Foundations Inc.

With contributions from Dharma Foundation volunteers and donations from Centex Homes and BITSmart, we successfully sourced two suitable laptops from Asus and Dell. Additionally, we provided essential productivity software to enhance the educational experience for these students.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to bridging the digital divide. Together, we are making a significant impact!


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